"Turbocharge Your Inner Thoughts with

Self-Confidence!" Online Course

Change your thoughts to empower yourself!

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Master the 6 Mind Games and Win

  • *  Handle whatever comes your way

  • *  Feel good about yourself

  • *  Live your life with confidence

Do you feel the world is against you and that nothing seems to be going well in your life?


Your thoughts determine how confident you are. If your inner dialogue is negative, it can lead to low self-confidence; but if it's positive, then that will boost confidence levels.  It's your choice!    


In this course, you'll learn the 6 mind games that most people play with their thoughts.  These mind games keep you from feeling competent, make you feel that everyone is judging you, and cause you to put yourself down.  None of this is healthy.  Once you've mastered the skill of thinking the opposite of the mind games that you normally use, your thoughts will be more positive and life-affirming and your life will be much happier and fulfilled.  YOU will be in charge of your life, not these mind games.

This is how you will be able

to master the 6 mind games.

1) Learn from the course videos and transcripts to understand what these six mind games are and how to turn your thoughts around in each one.


2) Complete the workbook to apply the knowledge to your own life.


3) Experience the guided visualizations and listen to the songs to help your new skills be integrated into your inner self.


Here's What You'll Learn

Lesson 1

Understand the many advantages of using positive self-talk and the indicators that you are talking to yourself in a beneficial manner.

Lesson 3

Discover the next two mind games "Bias Against Yourself" and "Blaming Yourself," how destructive they are, and how to think their opposite.

Lesson 2

Learn the first two mind games "Seeing Things in Black and White" and "Negative Self-Description" and how to change your thoughts.

Lesson 4

Looking into other people's thoughts and looking into

the future are the last two mind games "Negative Projections" and "Negative Forecasting."



Jennifer, New York City, USA


"I never realized how often I played these mind games with my thoughts.  Now I have the tools to overcome them and think more positive thoughts and to make a better life."


"Although facing myself and acknowledging certain parts of myself is not usually fun, this course helped me through it. 

I am walking away from this course with

my head held high and feeling confident." 

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The "Turbocharge Your Inner Thoughts with Self-Confidence!" Online Course

Included in each lesson are an informational video, a transcript, a guided visualization, and an inspirational song.  Plus, you will receive a workbook for the entire course.


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