The Request Technique

Learn how to stand up to aggressive people in 10 minutes

What if you never had to feel afraid expressing yourself to aggressive people, or anyone?  With The Request Technique, there’s no need for you to passively take what people dish out.  You’ll learn how to speak confidently to them and be heard using a 4-part process, along with the confident body language to use, in just 10 minutes.

Tell me if this sounds like you: 


You want to make a request of an aggressive person about a situation.  But you’re afraid to talk with them because they get so angry.


What if there was a technique that you could use to speak the truth to them with confidence?  


I want you to never feel that fear again. That’s exactly why I created a 10-minute video to show you the 4-part Request Technique.


So if you want to learn the confident way to be heard and understood by people in only 10 minutes, here’s how to do it.

The Request Technique helps you find the words to use.  You can use this Technique with anyone you want to express your desires to.


Here is what you will receive:

  • The Request Technique video with the 4-part process to express yourself

  • A transcript of the video

  • A workbook to fill in with what you want to say to three different people in your life

  • An audio with self-confidence affirmations

  • A 5-day e-mail challenge in which I take you by the hand to formulate exactly what you will say using this 4-part process

Right now, you’re struggling with having the courage to tell people in your life what you really think.  They are talking to you in a mean-spirited way or doing something that is against your best interest. You’re afraid of them, you don’t want them to get angry with you, so you’re hesitant to bring it up. 


If you do start to talk with them, you get tongue-tied and can’t find the right words to say. So their behavior or words continue.


Imagine if you knew a technique that would make it easy for you to express your inner thoughts.  Imagine if you could practice that technique so that when you do talk with them, the words come easily. Imagine also that you knew the confident body language to use so they could see as well as hear your confidence.


This can happen for you quickly with The Request Technique.

Vivian Harte

Hi, I’m Vivian Harte.  I am the co-author of the book Self-Esteem for Dummies in the Dummies series.  I’m also the creator of The Breakthrough System to Boost Your Self-Confidence, which includes 12 online courses on setting and reaching goals, being confident in your relationships, being confident at work, and changing your self-talk.  During the past 20 years, I have taught over 18,000 people how to be more self-confident through my online courses. 


The Request Technique (also known as the confrontational “I” statement) is a technique I’ve used for many years to talk with people, both those who are aggressive and those who are not.  I have found it to be very effective.  I created The Request Technique because I wanted to share what I know works well so you can more easily have those difficult conversations.

Inside The Request Technique

Here’s what you’ll receive with The Request Technique:


1 – The Request Technique video in which you will learn the 4 steps in The Request Technique process in expressing your desires to any person.  The second part of the video teaches you exactly how to use confident body language.  When you are confident in verbally expressing what you want AND using confident body language to complement your words, others will take you more seriously.  [A $100 value]


2 – A transcript of The Request Technique video so that if you learn by reading, you can learn The Request Technique as well as confident body language in this way.  [A $25 value]


3 – A workbook that takes you through the steps of creating your own requests.  It includes three different sections to express your desires to three different people in your life.  It also includes a section on the various confident body language elements so you can evaluate the changes you are making to create a more confident demeanor.  [A $75 value]


4 – A 15-minute audio of confidence affirmations to listen to.  These will go deeply into your mind so that you think about being confident more easily and you actually act in a more confident manner.  You can listen to these affirmations as you get ready for work, on a break, to relax when you get home, or before going to bed.  The more you listen to them, the more they will be in your mind.  [A $75 value]


5 – A 5-day challenge that I take you through by email so that you experience each step of learning The Request Technique and confident body language, practicing them, and actually using them with the people in your life.  [A $75 value]


The total value of The Request Technique is $350, but you’ll be paying on $27.

$27/One time payment

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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and I will be happy to refund your money.


Vivian Harte

Owner, Self-Confidence Pro



How does this work?

You will watch the 10-minute video teaching you The Request Technique and confident body language.  You can follow along with the transcript or read it afterwards to more deeply learn what I’m teaching you.  Then you will fill out the workbook to use this Technique in creating what you will say with three people in your life.  You can listen to the confidence affirmations at any time, even into the future to more deeply feel and experience confidence in your everyday life.  Beginning the day after you purchase The Request Technique, I’ll begin the 5-day challenge by sending you emails every day for 5 days that take you through the steps of learning about the Technique, practicing it, writing the words you will say, and having the conversations.


How can this really help me?

If you’re having trouble telling an aggressive person, or any person, what you desire and why, this 4-part process will help you organize your thoughts and learn what to say in the order to say it.  After learning the Technique and practicing it, when you do talk with the person you’re having difficulty talking to now, you know what you’re going to say and exactly how you’re going to say it.  You’re also going to know what body language to use so that the other person will know that you’re sincere as well as confident.  Even aggressive people tend to respect those who present themselves as confident and can speak in a confident manner.


How long do I have access to this product?

You get lifetime access.


Do the confidence affirmations apply only to The Request Technique?

No, they apply to various parts of your life.  As you listen to these affirmations, you can visualize being confident in the areas of your life that the affirmations describe.  Your confidence will increase as you listen to them.  In fact, after you’ve listened to them a number of times, you may very well start to think these affirmations on your own.


Who is this for?

  • A wife who needs to make express herself to her husband
  • A husband who needs to express himself to his wife
  • A parent who needs to express themselves to their child
  • An employee who needs to know how to talk to their boss
  • A boss who needs to talk to their staff
  • A friend who needs to express their desires to their friend

How does this work?

Click the button right here to purchase The Request Technique. 

After that, check your Inbox and you’ll see a link to log into my platform to download The Request Technique materials. 

Then you can start right away.  You get instant access.

Imagine where you could be one week from now. 


You could be learning the exact process to express what you want to aggressive and other people in your life.  You could be writing out the words in detail and practicing them. 


You could be having confident conversations and telling your desires to the people you have never had the courage to do so before.