"The Blueprint for Flourishing

in a Rewarding Job" Online Course

Thrive in a job you love and that you're good at

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Powerful Strategies for Being a Success at Work

  • *  Identify the best job for yourself

  • *  Interview with confidence

  • *  Overcome perfectionism

Do you feel your job isn't a good fit or you've been going from job to job not knowing what to do?  Have you been fired from jobs

because you didn't perform well?


This is what happens when your job doesn't match your personality.  And this is what happens when your perfectionism keeps you from being an excellent employee. 


In this course, you'll learn the three main divisions that the United States Department of Labor uses to classify all work.  You'll discover which one is the right fit for your skills and personality.  You'll also learn how to interview confidently for a job, how to do a job well, and how to change your perfectionist ways.

This is how you will be able

to be a success at any job you have.

1) Learn from the course videos and transcripts to understand how to get the right job and do it well.


2) Complete the workbook to apply the knowledge to your own life.


3) Experience the guided visualizations and listen to the songs to help your new skills be integrated into your inner self.



Here's What You'll Learn

Lesson 1

Understand your own personality and what appeals to you most.  Learn the tips for interviewing most effectively.

Lesson 3

Many people are perfectionists and don't know how to get out of that mindset.  Discover the ways to be a high achiever instead.

Lesson 2

Suggestions for doing your job well and taking care of yourself so you're in great shape, plus what to do if you're overwhelmed at work.

Lesson 4

If it's time to move on to another job, this lesson tells you exactly how to leave your job gracefully

without burning bridges.



Simone, Tampa, Florida, USA


"Very useful and practical for my work life.  Now I understand why the jobs working with data were not satisfying to me since I'm a people person."


"I know I'm going to use two main things from this course - how to interview for a job and how to be a high achiever.  I never knew I could get past my perfectionism." 

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"The Blueprint for Flourishing in a Rewarding Job" Online Course


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