Are you looking for a guest who can:

  • Educate on self-confidence
  • Entertain with information and song
  • Help your audience be stronger

 Topics I Am Ready to Speak On:

  • Communicating Well with Family Members
  • Making Friends and Being a Good Friend
  • Generating a Loving Intimate Relationship
  • Building Pleasant Relationships with Your Co-Workers and Boss
  • Speaking Up at Work
  • Finding the Right Job and Interviewing Successfully
  • Getting Your Raise Now!
  • Changing Your Self-Talk from Negative to Positive
  • Loving Your Body
  • Mastering the Mind Games You Play with Your Thinking


  • Co-author of the Self-Esteem for Dummies book in the Dummies series

  • Taught over 18,000 people to be more assertive and self-confident through online courses

  • Coached people from around the world on self-confidence and accomplishing goals 

  • Hosted interview and entertainment radio shows

    1980-1981 in Colorado Springs (KRCC-FM) 1982-1983 in Minneapolis (KMOJ-FM) 

    1984-1985, 2018, 2020 in Tucson (KXCI-FM)


These are testimonials from students of my online courses.

"I have greatly enjoyed this class and have come away from it feeling much more confident and assertive. My supervisor and co-workers notice a marked improvement in daily interactions and more positive outlook."

Nancy Girard

"This class is a game-changer! I will be using all I learned from here on out. The lessons were life-skills that I wish I would have had many years ago. I would definitely recommend this class.  Thank you, Ms. Harte!"

Anna Sanders

These are from reviews for Self-Esteem for Dummies on Amazon.

"When it comes to the issue of self-esteem and self-worth it is fair to say that all of us are a work in progress. Thankfully we have books like SELF-ESTEEM FOR DUMMIES to help us appreciate the importance of knowing our value and walking in that value in all areas of our lives."

Cyrus Webb

"It's an excellent, well written guide that I think packs helpful and understandable information into one book...  One just needs to sit down, read it and take it in and do some of the exercises and find what works as there are lots of practical suggestions in this guide provided in a clear methodical manner."


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