"Secrets to Making Close Friends" Online Course

Your blueprint for meeting friends and being a good friend

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Build Your Skills in Creating Satisfying Friendships

  • *  Identify where to meet friends

  • *  Learn how to carry on a great conversation

  • Discover how to be assertive with your friends

Do you spend too much time alone?
Do you have difficulty connecting with others?


Everyone wants friends they can confide in and trust. They want someone who will be there for them through the good times and bad, to do activities with like playing sports or going shopping.


But how do you go about finding a friend? And what should your first conversation be like? These questions plague many people as they try their best to find someone who will become a close companion for life. 


This course will teach you where to go in your community to meet people and how to carry on conversations that make other people feel comfortable around you and thus like being your friend.

We'll also cover the various ways to be a good friend as well as how to deal with a friend who is

being overbearing.

This is how you will be able

to master the skills of

creating friendships.

1) Learn from the course videos and transcripts to understand how to create close friendships.


2) Complete the workbook to apply the knowledge to your own life.


3) Experience the guided visualizations and listen to the songs to help your new skills be integrated into your inner self.


Here's What You'll Learn

Lesson 1

Most people are surprised by how many places there are to meet new people who could be their

friend  from classes to clubs to their own workplace.

Lesson 4

Discover the most important ways to be a good friend to someone else.  This lesson also covers

what to do if there are

problems in your friendship.

Lesson 2

Understand where to gather useful information to have intelligent conversations as well as having confident body language to complement your conversations.

Lesson 5

Sometimes one person is more aggressive in a relationship.  Learn how to be assertive and speak up so your friends will respect you and treat you well.

Lesson 3

Some people get tongue-tied when they're talking with someone new.  This lesson covers how to actually begin a conversation and carry on a conversation. 



Janette, Morristown, USA


"This course was very practical and enjoyable to work through. I learned everything I hoped I would, and feel I gained some valuable skills in making new friends. 


"I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot about how to deal with problems in my friendships. I feel pleased and extremely satisfied that I came across this course."

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"Secrets to Making Close Friends" Online Course

Included in each lesson are an informational video, a guided visualization, and an inspirational song.  Plus you will receive a workbook and a transcription for the entire course.


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