Life Lessons

 These Life Lessons will help you navigate your way through everyday life. 

They give you tips and suggestions to build your self-confidence and enhance your skills

in dealing effectively with other people, being a success at work,

reaching your goals, and having positive thoughts. 


They are in bundles of 5 Life Lessons each in the form of 8-1/2" x 11" pdfs. 

Download them and print them out.

If you'd like, you can have them laminated.  

"Confidence with

Family and Friends"

Life Lessons

5 Tips for Encouraging Confidence in Children

7 Surefire Ways to be a Good Friend

10 Guidelines for Dealing with Conflict Effectively

How to Say "No"

7 Ways to Help Your Family and Friends Be More Confident


"Self-Love and Confidence" Life Lessons

7 Ideas to Spark Your Self-Love

7 Ways to Celebrate Small Victories

8 Proven Ways to Grow

5 No-Nonsense Ways to Deal with Mistakes

7 Tricks for Self-Confident Body Language


"Reaching Your Goals" 

Life Lessons

5 Questions to Ask to Determine If Reaching a Goal is a Good Idea

How to Let Go of Your Fears to Reach Your Goals

9 Action Steps to Reach Your Goals

7 Powerful Ways to Reach Your Goals

How to Accomplish Difficult Goals


"Confidence with

Your Mate" 

Life Lessons

How to Flirt with Him

Tips for the First Date

How to Say "No"

The Best Ways to Argue with Your Mate

7 Easy Ways to Get Along with Your Mate


"Change Your Thoughts -

Affirmations and Visualization" 

Life Lessons

Tips for Visualizing

6 Ways to Let Go of Feeling Inferior

Steps to Limit Negative Self-Talk

Secrets to Writing Your Own Affirmations

8 Effective Ways to Change Your Attitude


"Confidence as a Leader

Life Lessons

Top 9 Tips for Success at Work

How to Speak Up in Meetings

The 10 Steps to Make a Great Presentation

7 Ways to Be an Effective Leader at Work

Help Your Staff Be Self-Confident