Inspirational Sayings Bookmarks

 These bookmarks with Inspirational Sayings of Self-Confidence can uplift your day.  The beautiful pictures add to their loveliness. When you view them often, they will help you activate

self-confidence and strength so they become fully anchored into your personality.


The bookmarks are in bundles of 2 sheets of 4 bookmarks each, for a total of 8 bookmarks.  Download them and print them out on card stock and then cut them. 

I suggest that you use Neenah Card Stock, letter size, 65 lb. Basis, Bright White,

Office Depot #568664.  If you'd like, you can have them laminated.  

"Follow Your Heart" Bookmarks

Follow your heart 

Awaken your dreams

Be inspired and creative

The time has come for you to unlock your potential

Let your light shine

Be a gift to the world

Trust that all your wishes will come true

Conquer the turbulence in your life - find peace


"Tap Into Your Strength" Bookmarks

Tap into your strength

Success comes to you like magic

Step into your new life

Imagine the possibilities

Harness the power of your thoughts

Find the magic in your life

Imagine your best life

Walk into the new you


"You Are Doing Great!"  Bookmarks

You are doing great

Create the life you've dreamed of

Open the way to deeper insights

Seize your golden opportunities to live your dreams now

Grow into greater possibilities

Heal your inner child

Step up and live your secret dreams

Trust your inner guide