"Empower Your Goals with Your Vision

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Four methods to use your imagination to bring your goals into your life

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Use Your Thoughts to Attract What You Need to Achieve Your Goals

  • Learn how to create and use a collage to envision your completed goal

  • *  Discover everything you need to effectively write in a journal

  • *  Acquire the skills of using affirmations and visualization to be confident in attaining your goals

Don't know where to start when contemplating reaching your important goals?


Don't worry  I've got some answers!


In this course, you'll learn four different methods to imagine your goals in detail so they are more achievable. The first method is using a collage to help with visualization and holding yourself accountable by seeing the completed goal every day. Next is writing an empowerment journal that will help guide you through any difficult times or roadblocks along the way towards achieving your dreams. In addition, affirmations can also be used as motivation while completing tasks because these positive phrases remind you of your capabilities and potentials when you might doubt yourself otherwise.  Last, you'll learn the tricks to visualizing yourself having already attained the important goals in your life.

This is how you will learn the skills of empowering your goals.

1) Learn from the course videos and transcripts the four effective methods for using your imagination to energize yourself to reach your goals.


2) Complete the workbook to apply the knowledge to your own life.


3) Experience the guided visualizations and listen to the songs to    help your new skills be integrated into your inner self.



Here's What You'll Learn

Lesson 1

Viewing your collage of photos and phrases of confidently reaching your goals will put these images and words deep into your mind so they stay uppermost.

Lesson 3

Saying and thinking your affirmations is a great step to replacing those doubting

thoughts in your mind  leading you to more confidence to easily

reach your goals.

Lesson 2

When you write in your journal, you will more readily understand how to attain your goals and overcome any obstacles

that stand in your way.

Lesson 4

Visualization is seeing your affirmations in action.  Seeing yourself actually accomplishing your goals will take you many steps closer to empowering yourself to take action.



James, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


"I felt that the lessons of the course were insightful, interesting and designed to help me understand how to imagine success with my goals.  I found the explanations extremely helpful and I learned a lot from them."


"Great course that will be of value in my professional endeavors and personal life. Now that I know how to make my goals real in my thoughts, I can work on my goals with confidence that I will make them come true!"

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"Empower Your Goals with Your Vision" Online Course


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