Change Your Self-Talk

The Benefits of Positive Self-Talk

September 13, 2021

There are many benefits of positive self-talk.  Your self-talk consists of the thoughts you have in your mind, both those that are fleeting and those that you contemplate, those that last a very short time and those you think of over and over and over again.


Do you realize that you think about 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts every single day?  All day, every day, the thoughts you have are directly related to how you live your life.  


Your thoughts come from many places, people and events - from your past, what’s going on right now in your life, and the visions and concerns you have about your future.  What you tell yourself determines how you value or devalue yourself and how successful you are or aren’t.  This internal voice inside your head influences how you perceive and feel about every situation you face.  


This is how important your inner thoughts are:  


* Your thoughts direct your behaviors

* Your behaviors form your habits

* Your habits create your life, and

* Your life makes you happy or unhappy


People who are successful in life in terms of their work, relationships, their health, and feeling fulfillment and happiness predominantly think in terms of optimism, hopefulness and cheerfulness.  They aren’t just lucky.  They’re successful because they have a set of attitudes that bring these positive consequences into their lives.


"What you tell yourself determines how you value

or devalue yourself and how successful you are or aren’t."


Here are the important benefits from thinking in a more positive manner:


Your health is better.  Being more optimistic reduces heart disease, even if you smoke cigarettes, are overweight, or are older.  Also, your blood pressure is lower and your pain tolerance is higher.  


Your stress is reduced.  People who use positive thinking can cope better with problems that arise, so they have less anxiety and depression.  


Relationships are more enjoyable.  Optimistic thinkers are more likely to have strong relationships.  People are more drawn to others who are happy and cheerful than they are to others who are worried and apprehensive.  Because they concentrate on the good qualities of their friends and mates, positive thinkers are more contented in their relationships.  They also give more attention to having a fulfilling relationship and are therefore more effective at it.


They have better coping skills during adversity.  Thinking in a positive manner doesn’t mean they ignore life’s tough situations.  It means that they approach these challenging situations in a more constructive, upbeat and productive manner.


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Vivian Harte

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