"Summon the Courage to Achieve

 Your Goals" Online Course

What do you want to do, and who do you want to become?

Watch the video to see

what you will learn in this course.

Transform Your Life

by Reaching Your Goals

  • Understand which questions to ask to discover the right goals for you

  • *  Learn the specific steps to take to make your dreams come true

  • *  Gain the skills to eliminate bad habits and create new ones

Are you confused about which goals will be best for you and how to accomplish them?

Do you end up wasting your time procrastinating instead of accomplishing anything?


People who set goals and achieve them step by step are the ones who realize their dreams. This doesn't happen overnight; it takes time, planning and effort to get there.


This course will help you figure out what your best goals are, the steps needed to accomplish both big and small tasks, as well as how to celebrate reaching each of these milestones in order to keep yourself motivated.

This is how you will learn the skills of reaching your goals.

1) Learn from the course videos and transcripts to understand how to set the right goals for you and reach them step by step.


2) Complete the workbook to apply the knowledge to your own life.


3) Experience the guided visualizations and listen to the songs to help your new skills be integrated into your inner self.


Here's What You'll Learn

Lesson 1

Learn the four questions to ask to determine if a goal is right for you.  What about risks? Should you take risks when deciding on your goals?

Lesson 3

Bad habits can be difficult to change.  This lesson includes important tips on how to break your bad habits and create new ones that serve you better.

Lesson 2

Every worthwhile goal takes many steps to plan and carry out.  Discover what these steps are to get you to your goal quickly.

Lesson 4

When you achieve even small parts of your goal as well as your entire goal, you need to celebrate your successes!  Learn many ways to do so.



Janice, Louisville, Kentucky, USA


"Thank you, Vivian, this was a very informative course and one I could have used earlier in my life.  Things may have turned out differently."


"Thank you for this course. I learned several things that I will put into practice in the future. Even though I am 64 years old, I have goals I wish to achieve during my lifetime." 

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"Summon the Courage to Achieve Your Goals" Online Course


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