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Body language can make all the difference in how others perceive you. Learn exactly how to have confident body language so that when people meet or speak to you, they will believe you are self-assured and have confidence!

"If you want to be a more confident person with the ability to achieve your goals, then it only takes one step. The first thing is that you need to believe in yourself, how capable and powerful you are. 


Life is all about growing and improving yourself.  You are in charge of your life, so make the changes to be the person you desire to be!" 

                                             ​~ Vivian Harte





Develop the tools to achieve healthier and stronger relationships. Have a deeper, more loving relationship with your mate, more harmonious relationships with your family members and friends, and happier children.


Imagine reaching your goals easily.  Learn the skills for living up to your potential and turning possibilities into reality. Become the person you desire to be, doing what you desire to do, and having what you desire to have.


Be a success at work! Discover how to choose the right job for you, interview confidently, request a raise, get a promotion, and finally, if you want to leave a job, how to leave a job gracefully without burning bridges.


Tap into your potential by changing the thoughts in your mind and learning the secrets on how to stay positive at all times. Learn powerful strategies to change your thinking forever and live the life of your dreams.

The 4 Parts of The

Breakthrough System:

1) Learn from the course videos and transcripts to understand how to be more confident.


2) Complete the workbook to apply this knowledge to your own life.


3) Experience my guided visualizations and listen to my songs to deeply integrate your new skills into your inner self.


4) Join one of my coaching groups for support and inspiration.


The course is so beneficial for anyone who wants to be confident in themselves with effective communication. It applies to any kind of relationships whether through family, friends, work and everyday life.


~ Laura, Encinitas, California, USA

This course provided materials to start my journey to become more confident. It will take practice for me to reverse my lifetime habits for the confidence to come naturally, but I now have the backbone to base my practice on.


~ Emika, Tokyo, Japan

I can't tell you enough how this course has changed my life in such a positive way.  My husband noticed a big change in my life. He told me he's so proud of the changes I've made. I am more confident and it shows!


- Janet, Huron, South Dakota, USA


I teach people how to achieve big changes that seem impossible by helping them develop their knowledge, inner power and strength.  


My Breakthrough System to Boost Your Self-Confidence takes you step-by-step through increasing your confidence:

  • in your relationships
  • in reaching your goals
  • at your workplace
  • in your inner thoughts

Over the last 20 years, I have taught assertiveness skills and self-confidence to over 18,000 people through online classes and coaching.  I'm also the co-author of Self-Esteem for Dummies in the Dummies series. 


Today, I work with motivated individuals who want to enhance their lives and harness the power of their confidence to achieve their dreams of a different future and a better life. I'm a Self-Confidence Pro, and I can help you be a Self-Confidence Pro as well!

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